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Oxfordshire 1835

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Graphics linked from the maps section of this page produce a large print map of Oxfordshire in 1835, a tactile map with braille lettering, and a key to the tactile map. This page explains and describes the maps. Towns shown are parliamentary boroughs and polling places in 1835. The Description section says what is on the map. The Locations section gives locations within the county. The Maps section has links to the maps, which are in pdf (Acrobat) format, and to a page describing the way to produce a tactile map with braille letters from the pdf file. On another page is a general introduction to this series of maps of the English counties which are intended to be accessible to blind and partially sighted people. The Genuki pages for Oxfordshire have more information about the county, its records, and some of its towns and parishes.


There is a solid circle at the top left of the map. The title follows it at the top of the map, which is the North.The county boundary is shown by a dotted line. The Chapman County Code OXF is in large letters near the bottom left corner of the map. Towns are large dots, with the town name nearby. A ten mile scale bar is in the bottom left corner. Oxfordshire is an inland county, about 35 miles east to west by about 50 miles north to south. The shape is irregular. The northern section is about 30 miles by 30 miles. From the south-east corner of it a narrow section of land extends another 25 miles south; this section is mainly less than ten miles wide. Oxford is at the top of this southern narrow section, Nettlebed at the bottom of it.
Directions on map - West is left, East is right, North is up, South is down.


In the first list below the place name is given in full, then the position on the map within the county. The second list has names reading from top to bottom

Names in alphabetical order with positions:

Names reading from top to bottom of the county:


Graphic of Tactile map with braille names (pdf file)

Graphic of key in braille (pdf file)

Instructions for making a tactile map

Large print map (pdf file)

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