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English Counties 1835

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This page applies to maps with Braille, and maps with large print. A separate page introduces Tactile maps without Braille for blind users who do not read Braille.

This series of maps has two functions. The main purpose of the maps is to provide maps of the English counties showing the locations of main towns, in such a way that the maps can be used by blind and partially sighted people. In future they also provide a reference to parliamentary boroughs and polling places in 1835, soon after the Reform Act - because a convenient set of source maps was one showing these places. These maps are in "A Topographical Dictionary of England" by Samuel Lewis, 1835, in a supplementary volume "A Representative History of England". It includes Monmouthshire with the English counties.

I have previously developed maps of Wiltshire and Kent. I have now drawn a new set of maps of all English counties, and have them to this website. There are separate versions for Braille and large print users, . For users who do not read Braille, there are maps of Berkshire and Sussex and Portsmouth Harbour; these are experimental for tests. . I particularly welcome comments from blind and partially sighted users.

Producing tactile maps from web pages

This website has maps which can be printed from pdf files. RNIB has a service for producing tactile images from printed originals, and various colleges for the blind have facilities for doing so. See How to make tactile maps.


The maps are intended for users who have Internet access, and particularly for users of Genuki, Genealogy United Kingdom and Ireland. Descriptions of the maps are on web pages.

The title is at the top of the map, which is the North.The county boundary is shown by a dotted line. The Chapman County Code is in large letters on the map. A ten mile scale bar is near the bottom. Towns are large dots, with a 2 letter abbreviation of the town name nearby. Guidelines or roads linking the towns are solid lines; they are chosen to help in writing text descriptions of the locations of places within a county. In previous versions of the maps the lines followed roads, on most maps I have now changed this to make the maps simpler.

Abbreviations and locations

In the list of places the abbreviation is given first, then the place name, then a description of the location within the county.

Roads and guidelines

Guidelines are shown to link the places on the map. They are chosen to help find places on the map, and may not be the most important roads, or may not exist as roads.


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